Tuesday, August 15, 2017

belated summer cooking -Tupperware

So totally annoyed with my blog app....my issue is that I upload multiple pics to from my phone, then I go to app or blogger to uncover draft but I can't see the pics.  For me that part is the worst about blogging.  I need keypad and free fingers to write but I need also to upload my photos journals.  Am I whining?  Perhaps... :).   I don't like this typing on the phone thing... ha ha how do people type on phones.... ;) kidding, I just did it. 

Ok so last year, in efforts to cook chicken in the 100 degree temps, I  decided to get some microwave cookware.  Yes.. I went to a real Tupperware  party.  I got mini tupperware prizes too. That party was a freaking blast... women, food and wine.. what more to say.  Fun for days!!!

I bought a cookware set on sale.. with free cookbook.  I never got around to doing much with it.... so this year... epic hot summer... I got a 7 dollar whole chicken.. rubbed it down with chili powder, salt and pepper and stuffed with celery.  
Bad blog notes..because I can't remember how many minutes per pound.... I cooked it for 37 minutes.  
There was a how many mins per ...pound instructions but I can't remember.  Text me and I can find out.  Also.. add a cup of water or broth. 

It turned out fantastic.  No oven.  A chicken is a lot of meat, so I make chicken tacos and soup meat.  Check out the skin and doneness of it .. wow!!

I know some think this is undercooked... it just needs to sit longer. It was perfect.  I checked with thermometer.
Those wings..

 For the Tacos..
The top pile was for tacos the middle pile was for soup with the chopped celery.... deboned and de-skinned...(boooo.. but I have fat to loose on my own human be-ing that I carry around..soooo..so I have rules..)

 Soup mix in fridge. For the next day. 

Taco meat for tacos...


Next evening soup was yummy.

Easy summer time cooking.  I am sorry my post is so casual.... need to flow better with a keyboard. That's how I blog... free flow.

For my food buds.. I have a cheesecake that was grand to post.  I recommend cheesecake to the world.  It was delicious. Pics coming.

Happy cooking... do your best for heathy, clean..kind, food. Doing the best with what you have is a win!  

Cook and be happy.


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