Sunday, December 30, 2018

All the Trees - 2018

Some of my favorite trees of 2018

Happy New Year - I hope you spend a lot of time with trees.

Love, Toni

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A spicey twist on cheesy potatos

Yummy spicey potatoes!

Just the usual but I’ve added a can of fiesta cheese soup and roasted jalapeños. ( Picture one)

And yes... Of course I made “the usual for the family on Christmas Eve.”  We can not be burning the mouths of the guests can we?? (picture two). 


Friday, December 21, 2018

The foods of November  December 2018

Food pictures.... iPhone and camera.  Enjoy!

Not everyday food. I fast intermittent 1-2 times per week, I drink protein shakes for breakfast...and exist on 2-300 calorie lunches... but I have almost 300 miles running/jog hiking.... and then some days I make yummy food. I’ve lost 2 lbs this holiday season and climbed almost 25,000 ft of elevation gain this year. Living with intention. 

Everyday homemade French bread

Extra veggie garlic chicken soup

A Fish Taco... (restaurant... not me)

Complimentary creme brûlée 

Burrito Bar at home

Really good homemade sweet and sour chicken 

Mid week taco plate...

Pizza dough practice

Yep there were two...

Vegetable Beef stew with croistini...

Lots of veggies...

Vanilla granola cookies

Potato soup with brocoli and cheese broth

Chili bread "bowls..."

Cheese soup with brocoli....(you see what I did there...). This was the extravagant version.... above was the lighter version.

Yummy Stuffed bell peppers and chicken 

Vanilla Mint Soap

A bit of vanilla mint for the holidays 

Manual Filterless Friday

Take Pictures is my homework for myself. Practice, learn, do better everyday. #artschool #photographydegree #MFA

Today’s photos are rainy day succulents.

Happy Friday.