Sunday, August 11, 2019

What Happened to July?

Hello, yes it’s been awhile.

I have been up to my usual shenanigans.  (Did I spell that right?)

I have some picture post drafts that I never paired with words, to share this upcoming week.  I no longer believe in catching up with social stuff or posts or blogs.   I think the way to get more behind is to try to catch up.  So for now, I deal with incoming and I am pleasantly surprised when something I missed comes my way.

What am I doing?   I have two weeks until school starts, third semester photography.   I went easy on myself because there is much going on, a 5th grandchild, and just the holidays.

I am reading The Hobbit.  It is lovely.
I discovered pour over coffee.
I spent a lot of time and miles on mountain trails this summer.  I am making soap and beading a little bit.

I’ve been writhing poetry, but I have been writing it in my head.  I need to remind myself to stop and jot it down when the good stuff is present, otherwise it’s all in the clouds, And not the “i” one.
Favorite pictures and good times recently.   Have a beautiful week.     I heard or read recently that the only thing stronger than fear is Hope.   So I am inviting hope into my life abundantly.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

It was not all of a suddden

It was not a sudden thing.

It did not happen “and just like that.”

It she eased into herself.

The years of trying, struggling and work started sinking in.

Her gratitude, patience and ultimate kindness turn inward.

She started to thaw and love.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hippy Days 6/15/2019

Feeling Free and Like Me -

The voice said... "go home, take off your shoes... roll some flour and make bread.   Put on a flowy garment, listen the Forrest Gump Sound track and Big Little Lies, U2, and Pearl Jam.. and get out your bead box."  

I listened... and it felt good to know that soon I would be off work and I could go home and create and work with my hands.  No judgement just me, flour, beads and the inner creative voice speaking to make pretty little beaded things.  A quick mile with the dogs while the  pizza was in the oven.

Happy Saturday/Sunday  Happy June / Happy Life

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Summer photography

I am out of the darkroom and into light sunny summers with digital photography and a macro lens.

Fun summer pictures.  Happy June.

The lone mini rose fading on the vine is as beautiful as the tiny new bloom.

Little Froggy butt.   He looks calm and happy.

I love these coils

Gardenia..the scent

He caught me...

Up Close

Hanging roses

Sunlight on tomatoes

He is dreamy...  and smaller than a quarter

Sunday, May 26, 2019

What happened

I just blink my eyes and April is gone and almost May is gone.
All the drafts I did not post... all the photos I did not share.
I got overwhelmed with school and life.  Part of my school work is being out and about and gathering pictures ... pictures for projects, pictures for grades..

Anyway... a very honest reason for not sharing is that the blogger app stopped posting photos for me.  What a drag.
It always seems easier to post and write with a picture.   A buffer for what I can or can not write and nature is the filter and / or provides the buffer.

I have so much to write.  Challenge me... a post a day...?  Share more ?  What do you think?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday and the big week

Anyone in college and this is the last week to get some serious stuff done before the ever so wonderful yet short spring break?  Well that is me... why am I doing this? Why shouldn't I do this?

The why is that it is a burning desire in my soul to be an exceptional photographer.

So before  I go into the hole of projects due this week I will share some delightful images from my journeys in the last few weeks.  Stall tactic .. yes indeed.   (I will edit and review these images later...just a quick Monday share of some black and white photography on the sunset looking back to Folsom Point, CA.

Friday, April 5, 2019

April - On Goals and motivation

Does it ever seem to you that when you are coming out of a serious drought or down time that you come out like a cannon.  You got motivated, you heard podcasts, you read encouraging books, you pumped yourself up... ON FIRE....and the flames slowly flicker out?  Diet, exercise, therapy, project???  Does it sound familiar or is it just me?

I hit the ground running with new goals and opening up my dreams to the universe and then putting my time and muscle behind them.    I will confess that it is exhausting.  "no one ever said it would be easy.."   I have tripped up a few times..."no one ever said you won't suck.."

When I did get distracted I had to go back to narrow it down...what was the motivation killer.  Most of time time I can just point my finger back to me.   Not saying I don't double down on effort and adding stuff to my life to pursue my dreams.... but almost always, overtime I start to stumble or loose heart.. I only need to look to myself to see that I am in my own way...over thinking, doubting, fearing, down right telling myself that the dream I am after is not really mine, or I am too old.

So many excuses.   I have been listening to Rachel Hollis speak in the am on her morning show, and her documentary, I am off the heels of Girl wash your face, and listening to Girl stop apologizing.    Keep talking Rachel Hollis...  because that fire and that strait talk is sinking in.

She mentions to narrow it down to focusing on one goal.  It hit home to me that it really needs to be one goal at a time.  And she reminds us that DOES not mean that everything else goes in the tank.    Her suggestion in the Documentary - Made for More - is to give one hard core hour a day to your dream.  Five days a week.  She also suggests to power through the weekends... yes rest, yes have fun, but don't undo all the good of the week by tanking out on the weekend.

So that is my goal.  One hour everyday to my main goal of being a professional photographer with a degree.  In the mean time I focus and live healthy and exercise.  And work admirably at my day job, keep up my house, and spend time with family and my dogs.   Oh and school... ha ha.  Is there enough time.  Yes, there is.  I am very lucky that I don't watch much TV.   No one said things would be easy.

I had planned to come and share some canyon pictures but this is what was on my mind.
Happy Friday.    I will share pictures more as part of my dedication to photography.  I would like for input and I would love to see you here or instagram.   Let's support each other.

Love Toni