Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 2019 and all it's Glory

It is the middle of December and I find myself missing my blog and missing the comfort from  watching words form on a page to share with my quiet yet loyal viewers.

I hope you have a wonderful years end.  Many of my friends are grieving and surviving a lot and I want to say that you are not forgotten and I have a candle lit in my heart and I am aware that year ends and beginnings are not always golden for all.

December ends with a fourth part time semester ending for me.  I have taken four photography class and I am registered for two more in the Spring.  All this to help me gain the skills to become a professional portrait photographer.   Things are going well.  Mostly hopeful.

I have a new grandson, that is #5 :) My family is well and my soap business is a bit sleepy but will wake up this week for some annual candy cane soap sales.  (Check HomegoodbyToni on Facebook).

The violin has awoke as well, however not as aggressive as needed to take part in the Fiddlerman annual holiday video.  But we shall see, The Little Drummer Boy is a favorite.

And today I felt like my old self when offered to be a part of a book review for February, so there are a lot of good things coming up and I hope to chat here and share here.   

Here are a few pictures from my landscape/macro assignment in November.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

She plays again...

About this time last year I geared up for a fiddle festival on Street Jelly.   I missed the show due to technical complications... and I haven’t been playing much.

My left hand fingernails are cut and I joined an international concert project .... so I play again and I am happy ... my violin is tuned with stellar strings... I am ready ....♥️♥️♥️

Tonight’s beauty rest... long work days, school and field photography hiking have me super tired...... life is good.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Love is in the air

September 2019 
We left town quickly after I got off work, to escape! To find a beach and sub sandwiches and watch the sunset.  We had not decided which beach at the time of departure, but we ended up at an old standby, San Francisco - Crissy Field Beach.   

We arrived to find the city sunny,  not overly windy and a perfect 70 degrees.  And with plenty of  time to walk the beach, holding hands, deliriously happy with our great decision to "stop" in the 
City.  We walked a few miles out and back.

  I am probably partial, but a sun setting on the West is my favorite sunset ever.  Especially as it disappears into the Pacific Ocean and glows up on the Bridge.  The glorious day did not disappoint add richness and depth to an ordinary Saturday.  While we love the foggy and the usually moist air, today was special and clear and we soaked it in and felt spectacular.

To my delight there were lovers and families everywhere. I couldn't resist taking silhouette  pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge back drop.  

Another reason to love September.  It was a beautiful sight to behold and share all this love my partner and best friend for 25 years. One of the best things about us is our road trips and our hikes.

Interestingly enough 12 hours later, after a 2 hour drive home and a nice rest we found ourselves hiking in Auburn, California enjoying the morning sunrise under another beautiful Bridge and another favorite place.   The Forrest Hill Bridge, Auburn, California.  

Life is good - Celebrate Nature - and feel the good vibes of the historical places where humans celebrate everyday life, love and the gift of the Sun.
God is everywhere.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Taco stuffed shells - later post

Hello!  This is another post that was in my drafts.   Unfortunately with this one I don't have a recipe.  What I can recall is that it is ground turkey seasoned with taco type seasonings, chili powder, cumin etc.. mixed with cheese and added to stuffed shells, topped with cheese, olive  and a bit of sauce and then  baked.  Served with salad, tequila and beer.  :) 

Saturday, September 21, 2019

oh September... I love you

September is my favorite month.  All of my life it meant the return to school.  Things have changed in my life time and school seems to start earlier in August every year.  But September is when I feel the shift in the weather and I sense the difference in the sky as the sun transitions from Summer to Fall.    I love September sky the most.

The weather is unpredictable and yet there are always a handful of cooler mornings that take the edge off the brutal Northern California heat.   The sidewalks cool, and there is a reprieve.

And then school is busy once again and the communities again are bustling with school buses and Saturday soccer games.  I love to see all the back to school pictures and first day pictures.  All the kiddos... that is what I like the most.   I hear the Friday night football games.  Kids in backpacks, carpools are things that remind me of the best part of my childhood and why September is king.

I do recall long summer days of hide and seek, long walks, bike rides, rollerskating, and getting to play outside, summer trips to the mountains and Ft. Bragg.  I was a wild child and I roamed the woods and the sea alone.  I found shells, frogs and snakes and filled my pockets with treasures.  Unaware of time,  I crossed cold mountain creeks and sat at the bank's edge and watched sticks and logs float by.   September came and put a structure and time back into my life.   I did not hate it because it was time to stop roaming and become part of someone's roll call. 

Summer was time for playing in the sprinkler, playing with the hose, front yard fill up swimming pools and slip N slides. Summertime was backyard BBQ and time to read and afternoon baseball games.   It included "going for a drive"  to get burgers and shakes, and it meant coke or root beer floats for dessert.   September came and brought  back routine and accountability and a chance to learn and to be with the teachers and provided escape from home.

September was an end to the  lovely summer break, but an exciting time to go away from home and be with school mates, wear rain coats, carry umbrellas, and carry paper sack lunches.   I love September  as it took away some of the loneliness of the summer of roaming and reminded me to be part of something, school, choir, art, plays.

I alway welcome September - I wish it was always September.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Canal trail to Auburn Canyon Overlook - July 2019

More posts from my drafts folder.  I get lazy and I forgot to write.  I forget that this is nice to use words and create my journal and actually speak to everyone instead of just flashing a bunch of photos on Facebook or Instagram.   For those that do want to see more of my activities with less word - Follow me on Instagram.  I am Toni Gomez. 

This is Auburn California - My husband and I followed the canal path and found other lovely views from the place where we hike the most because it is local.  The views were beautiful, the trail was easy on the body because sometimes wandering is just what my soul needs.  Give yourself permission to turn off the miles tracker and just roam.  This was actually recorded this day because of training but there was no hurry or rush or records to break.  (it was about 6.3 miles, only 317 ft of elevation gain.   Nature restores and I was with my best trail friend.

Monday homemade takeout -later post

Hello and Happy Friday.  (it  is September 2019) what?  I found a few posts in my draft folder that I had meant to share. 

Healthy Chinese Homemade take out.  It is just a good way to save 20 bucks for Chinese take out.  I used organic, no antibiotic boneless skinless chicken breast.  ON sale... I always by my chicken on sale.  I never buy full price chicken.  My goal is always a 4-5 dollar meal with enough for two lunches.   Any way it was lightly breaded with a dusting of flour and browned in olive oil  with chopped veggies  (green pepper, onion, garlic, ginger) that were stir-fried on the side and mixed with a few tablespoons of prepared szechuan sauce.   It was served with rice and love and it was delicious. 

Tip:  Have the veggies and chicken prepped on Sunday.    I suppose you can prep the whole meal on Sunday but I am picky and like my take out wok sizzling fresh.

For the first time I tried my inexpensive electric skillet for stir frying the veggie.  It worked excellent. Ironically  I am making this meal tonight for Friday night take out.  I am just using noodles instead.

Cheer!  iPhone pics

Sunday, August 11, 2019

What Happened to July?

Hello, yes it’s been awhile.

I have been up to my usual shenanigans.  (Did I spell that right?)

I have some picture post drafts that I never paired with words, to share this upcoming week.  I no longer believe in catching up with social stuff or posts or blogs.   I think the way to get more behind is to try to catch up.  So for now, I deal with incoming and I am pleasantly surprised when something I missed comes my way.

What am I doing?   I have two weeks until school starts, third semester photography.   I went easy on myself because there is much going on, a 5th grandchild, and just the holidays.

I am reading The Hobbit.  It is lovely.
I discovered pour over coffee.
I spent a lot of time and miles on mountain trails this summer.  I am making soap and beading a little bit.

I’ve been writhing poetry, but I have been writing it in my head.  I need to remind myself to stop and jot it down when the good stuff is present, otherwise it’s all in the clouds, And not the “i” one.
Favorite pictures and good times recently.   Have a beautiful week.     I heard or read recently that the only thing stronger than fear is Hope.   So I am inviting hope into my life abundantly.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

It was not all of a suddden

It was not a sudden thing.

It did not happen “and just like that.”

It she eased into herself.

The years of trying, struggling and work started sinking in.

Her gratitude, patience and ultimate kindness turn inward.

She started to thaw and love.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hippy Days 6/15/2019

Feeling Free and Like Me -

The voice said... "go home, take off your shoes... roll some flour and make bread.   Put on a flowy garment, listen the Forrest Gump Sound track and Big Little Lies, U2, and Pearl Jam.. and get out your bead box."  

I listened... and it felt good to know that soon I would be off work and I could go home and create and work with my hands.  No judgement just me, flour, beads and the inner creative voice speaking to make pretty little beaded things.  A quick mile with the dogs while the  pizza was in the oven.

Happy Saturday/Sunday  Happy June / Happy Life

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Summer photography

I am out of the darkroom and into light sunny summers with digital photography and a macro lens.

Fun summer pictures.  Happy June.

The lone mini rose fading on the vine is as beautiful as the tiny new bloom.

Little Froggy butt.   He looks calm and happy.

I love these coils

Gardenia..the scent

He caught me...

Up Close

Hanging roses

Sunlight on tomatoes

He is dreamy...  and smaller than a quarter