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Sense Without Sensibility Blog Tour - A review by Toni

                            Sense Without Sensibility Blog Tour and review - by Toni

My take on this book is that it is a "charmer."  It is a sweet read and it took my mind off all the  stuff going on in the world.  It is an easy straight forward read that is  a fun and charming modern day Austin spin off.   I confess that I have a handful of these spin off's and I have not read them.  Except Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (hysterical).

I do like the characters  in this read keeping in character with the originals in a modern sense and I feel the essence of them in this book.   There is a certain amount of zest and spunk I like to see in characters even ones seemingly demure in times of old.  I like the opportunity that modern time has put forward to empower woman to put each of their destiny in their own hands.  Especially in love.

 This is the book you want to curl up for some instant charm and good old fashioned girl and boy meet romance.  It has the classic elements of a budding new relationship and "I wonder if he likes me? and oh no I can't like him what if he truly ends ups being the enemy?"  Oh, the misunderstanding standing of it all!

      "He stuttered an excuse and dashed out of the room, taking an exceptionally long lunch by himself.  When he returned, that weird cold spell engulfed him for the rest of the day, making any conversation robotic and short. Elinor had resolved to never ask him again."
Oh how we love to read this right?   However, I got a bit tired of Edwards transparency and the cold monster spell popping up several times in a single event.  Moody much?

I can't say much more.  The book summary below is your guide and I am not going to give away because the book takes you into some twists and you should just  have enjoy and anguish over it all as I did with my optimistic romantic heart.

Would I recommend the book?  Yes I would.  It is not going to solve the worlds' problems or make you think deep or work on your issues.  It will provide smiles, and charm and a few hours of classic romance.   Lighten up and read something sweet.   I was lucky to be gushing over it during Valentine's Day.

Cheers Toni

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About the book:
After a stroke that devastates the mind of her father, Elinor expects her life will never be the same. But she wasn’t expecting to lose her job and her family home thanks to a legal technicality.

Facing ruin, Elinor prepares to fight against the selfish, cruel man who would ensure that ruin. However, Edward turns out to be the opposite, a kind soul who only wants to fulfill his duty. So Elinor hatches a new plan: get Edward on her side and utilize their own legal technicality. The only problem? Edward would have to go against his very influential and wealthy family.
Would he risk losing everything–his job, his family, and his massive inheritance–to save Elinor?

About the Author:
Keena Richins has a curse: she must write the stories bubbling in her head or go mad. Seriously. You should see the hordes of characters in her head constantly babbling about their lives. When she needs a break, Keena will delve into books and her favorite are the Jane Austen books, so it is only fitting for her first debut to be a modern twist on one of those classics. And many more are soon to come.