Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trails...and girls

Today the last Sunday in February 2017 I had a chance to go to Auburn/Cool California for more trails.  Today's walk/hike was special... The little grand daughters hit the trails with me.  My daughter is due to have her first son, and my second grandson in less than three weeks and she was there too. It was a special time.

The Quarry trail for the 1.5 miles that we travelled is pretty level and easy enough.  It was a chilly but sunny day and I recall about 45 degrees.  The wind added a bit more chill than I expected but it was refreshing.  The American River is full and noisy.  The soothing sounds of water. Who can resist?

There were waterfalls and little mini streams across the trails. The water was so clear, the pebbles were washed so shiny and fresh from quickly moving water.

I need to get some serious trail and training time in for this coming October 2017.  I am behind in miles for February.  You know let's just say for February, I am a little behind in everything.

 Its is already March. Happy March and thanks for stopping by.


San Francicso 2017 - Belated Post

Belated posts from drafts.  I am having trouble with my photos to my Ipad, old blogger won't access my Ipad pro library... anyway...what was going to be a great new start to writing on the go and when I got the urge...has been...well let's just call it a slow new beginning.  Happy End of February.

It is the second Saturday in February 2017.  I am sitting in one of the best places that I have every written a blog post. I am on the Wharf in San Francisco, California. (Pier 39).  I am at a little wine tasting bar.  I am drinking a glass of Murphy Goode Cabernet.  It is nothing too special.  Where I am now is such a treat, I think even Koolaide would taste good here.   In hind sight, I had planned to finish that post and send from the wine bar to my blog.  That made it so very very cool.  I have done some writing in other places, this was just one that was so nice.  I felt particularly enabled, at my table, in my spot, alone writing.  It was empowering.

What a luxury to take in a familiar and favorite sights and have the luxury to write.

Today is a lovely day.  It feels like I am channeling Anthony Bourdain. (I know ... I know ... don't judge me).   Walking around tasting the Wharf food and enjoy the crowds and smell.  I had food at a popular breakfast chain on the way out here. Big Bear Dinner in Vacaville.  It was tasty and the service was so friendly.  The biscuits and gravy and yummy mimosa was a great start to a day in The City.

I am writing from Pier 39 on its  39th anniversary.  All day long it seems that I can't find anything to bitch about. Everything seems wonderful and I am at peace.   And it is the first stunning and sunny day in a while.  It is so clear and fresh, and it is so crowded.  I would say I have never seen it this crowed.  And I have spent my adult life coming here...But that is not getting to me. 

Upon parking and walking across the street to the waterfront, the smells and sounds became so rich.  The air is a crisp 60 degrees but the sun shines bright and warm.  It is an very very clear day in the City.  The view of Alcatraz is very very clear.  At the very front it the wharf there was a huge selection of seafood. I enjoyed some coconut shrimp and a crab cake. The shrimp was hot and fresh and the crab cake was tasty.  (It was certainly more cake than crab).  But today nothing is going to bother me.

The shopping is wonderful and the weather is divine. I swear, this wine never tasted so good. 
Normally I would scoff at this wine glass...nope..not today
I think I could buy two bottles for the cost of this glass... but 
Being here and looking out on the harbor....
Fresh and piping hot shrimp...
There were tulips everywhere....


Flower Power

Happy 39th Birthday Pier 39.

Coit Tower in the back ground.  A clear view from the Bay
Bridge going into the city.

A very quick and busy day... but it was so pretty and vibrate.

I have been going to Auburn for trail walks and runs...that is where I get my nature and mountain fix.   Even there sometimes I think I see too many humans.  I will be in search of a quieter place.  Somewhere where I can get lost in my thoughts without that many humans.  Not complaints...Humans are great.   

Remind me to tell you a story about my favorite wild Turkey... CT.
Have a lovely and blessed week.  Comment and say hi and let me know what you are up to.

January made me shiver.... (belated)

January 2017 came like no other January in a long time.  It has been colder than I recall and certainly wetter.  The rains came and came and kept coming.  I have zero complaints, I truly hope that those that were flooded and the auto accident victims have recovered. That is always my sadness when the bad weather causes monstrous disasters. However, feeling so excited that my state is wet and green and blessed with water.  

This particular January is like no other.  I feel the pain of the election, so many people are hurting, and defensive, offensive, and this seems to be from most no matter who they voted for.   I have the pain and those thoughts too...but for now, this blog isn't about that. It isn't that I don't care or don't have a voice.  I have a big opinion and a big voice.  It isn't that I am complacent, I have activities and a voice.  Just not here. 

My heart hurts and my soul feels the pain of the divisions, not just from my country, but all over the world.  I only ask from the universe that it is growing pains and the light and love will reign and we will all be happy citizens on this beautiful planet.   I always believe in hope, change and love.  I also believe in the goodness of people to unite and help each other.  We have it in us, we all have it inside.   I also trying and watching and correcting my comments, my tone, my hurtful comments, after all it begins within each of us.  

Silence is golden and Spring is coming.

January has been cold and it was remarkably beautiful here in Northern California.   Living in the Valley near the Sierras is a blessing that I am  always eternally grateful.   We don't get snow but on some days we had sunshine, to clouds, to rain, hail, and rainbows all in a few hours.  On my commute home I can see the snow covered Sierras shining brightly with the glow of the sunset.  My view doesn't last long as I have to turn soon after it all comes into view, so I make sure that I never miss that wonderful show that Mother Earth gives me each day.



And I have been busy!  I have been cooking and even knitting.  This past Sunday was my youngest Granddaughter's birthday and I got to make some quiche, baby quiche, bread and a lovely little poncho.  I can't wait to see her wear it.  

This is the week that I have to get out and get moving.... Marathon training 2017 begins.  I have a plan, this week is just a bunch of one mile jogs to get used to the fact that I have a lot of miles to add to my running.

I am excited about a few knitting projects.  My Gigantico Blanket project with my friend, and a lovely shawl/wrap for me. 

Birthday cooking and knitting.
It is fun to be busy cooking... especially for a special girl.


 Some "other" Bread.... (February)