Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trails...and girls

Today the last Sunday in February 2017 I had a chance to go to Auburn/Cool California for more trails.  Today's walk/hike was special... The little grand daughters hit the trails with me.  My daughter is due to have her first son, and my second grandson in less than three weeks and she was there too. It was a special time.

The Quarry trail for the 1.5 miles that we travelled is pretty level and easy enough.  It was a chilly but sunny day and I recall about 45 degrees.  The wind added a bit more chill than I expected but it was refreshing.  The American River is full and noisy.  The soothing sounds of water. Who can resist?

There were waterfalls and little mini streams across the trails. The water was so clear, the pebbles were washed so shiny and fresh from quickly moving water.

I need to get some serious trail and training time in for this coming October 2017.  I am behind in miles for February.  You know let's just say for February, I am a little behind in everything.

 Its is already March. Happy March and thanks for stopping by.


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