Friday, August 24, 2018

Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: Spiritual Insights Expressed through Art, Poetry and Prose, By Diamante Lavendar

What a powerful little work of Art, Poetry and Prose.

I started weeping very soon into the book and by the time I was  half  into it my hand was on my heart and I had tears flowing on to my desktop.

The artistry in the book was unexpected and truly beautiful.    I felt the power and beauty of each work, each word and  I will return to the images and passages often. 

The truth of the words took my hand and dove into my heart and soul.   Reading this collection is like coming home.  It is like coming home to spirit. 

It helped to sink in about 1.5 years of therapy with a kindness, softness and special caring. It is a truth that confirms, resonates and sits beautiful in my heart and mind.   It is so familiar because it is true and it is within me and all of us.

To say I am grateful for this book is such and understatement.    I need to sit with it for a while longer, but I felt compelled to write this review while still under the spell of the truth and beauty.   Thank you Diamante Lavendar for writing and sharing.   

Universal truths speak deep into the places  in us that nothing else can touch and healing ensues.

Thank you to Serena for including me in the blog tour. 

About the Author:
Diamante Lavendar began writing in college and published poetry in anthologies.Most of her writing is personal and stems from her experiences and those of her family and friends. She also creates visual art with colored pencils, acrylic paints, and various mixed media. Diamante is also the author of Breaking the Silence and Poetry and Ponderings: A Journey of Abuse and Healing through Poetry. Learn more at her website.

Book and Author Information:  (The synopis below is what I really wanted to say😁 ) .....
Diamante Lavendar’s Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry, and Prose, published by Balboa Press in June 2018.
This earthly plane offers much for us to learn: happiness, wisdom, loss, heartbreak, and enlightenment. It is a Pandora’s box of emotions, situations, opportunities, and failures, all wrapped into a package we call life. Nobody is immune, but everyone has the opportunity to grow tall or wither like a flower in harsh light. It’s completely up to us how we choose to respond.
Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief is a gleaning of insights from artist Diamante Lavender. For her, life has been a long, difficult road, but it has taught many poignant lessons. Her poetry collection is an exploration of the human soul, a traversing of situations that life throws at us. Diamante has always been intrigued by the ability to overcome and move on to bigger and better things.
She writes to encourage hope and possibility in those who read her stories. If she can help others heal, as she has, then Diamante’s work as an author and artist will have been well spent. She believes that everyone should try to leave a positive mark on the world, to make it a better place for all. Writing is the way that she is attempting to leave her mark—one story at a time.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful review. This life can be so difficult. We must cling to spirit in order to make it through and give us a reason to keep living when life gets rough.
    I really appreciate my readers and I am so grateful when they can feel and understand the words that I am compelled to write. Thank you again. It means a lot to me. <3

  2. Thank you so much for being on the blog tour. I'm glad this book touched you.


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