Sunday, April 6, 2014

Violin News - Sundays are Violin Days

Sundays are good days for violin..well for me an especially good day.  I get to play throughout the day and I get a lot of string time. Soap is cooking and I get to blog and play the violin. 

There are three songs that I keep playing and playing.  I have never mastered them  by any means and the last few weeks I spend an hour each day practicing them.

 1. The Godfather Theme  ... I need to get it right, I don't a want someone to breaka my face).
 2. SwallowTail Jig... seems to be the song that keeps me in the fiddle land instead of my lofty dreams of all classical violin.
3. Minuet 1, Bach ... the song at the end of the first violin book.  It seems to me I play it WELL, I can seriously graduate to book 2.

I am hoping that in the next Sundays to come I will have sound clips to share with  you and I hope that on Sundays you will join in...what are you playing? What would you like to play?   What is on your to do list ?

Happy Sunday.

Peace and Cheer.

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