Saturday, April 5, 2014

On April Gardening

Hello and Happy Saturday.

This week there was some time for gardening. My regular yard, trees, scrub, flower beds are a mess.  I was overwhelmed.  So I focused on the potted garden.

I had a good time out in the semi sunshine planting.  The goal here was to put in some Pansies and Sweet Peas.(Okay Spell check made me spell Pansies like that....I hope it is right).
 That was before....Here is after.  (Noelle in the picture)
The Sweet  Peas are not fairing super well.. I hope that changes. 

I am hoping for a nice place to sit and soak up the sun and play some violin songs/fiddle tunes.
I mean my noise can't hardly be as bad as weed eaters, leaf blowers, lawn  mowers, kids, dogs, and traffic.  Ah...Suburbia.

This afternoon a nice batch of Eucalyptus Mint is far as soap.

Happy Weekend.

Toni  (note to self ..clean dirt smudges of garden pots..)

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