Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Formerly - A Circle of Books

Hello Friends!

I have blogged for years at A Circle of Books (books and reviews) and A Blog of My Own (crafts and family).  I am starting it all up fresh and new from a new blog where I can write about all the things that I like to share.

I hope that many of my blogger friends will join me again.  I hope my old and new Facebook friends will join in and read also.  I also would love to see my new friends from the Fiddle Forum here.

I still read and knit.  However lately.... I play violin, I make Soap and I cook.    I play violin obsessively whenever I am not making soap or cooking.

So what am I going to be gabbing about?

Homemade soap has become a great passion for me.  Ever since I have made it and tried it, I can't imagine not making it.  I am on a fresh journey with my Soap Shop with the help of my lovely daughter, Jessica who keeps things organized and in tip top shape.    I can't wait to release new soaps for  our soap customers.

I love to talk about violin, violin music, and all kinds of classical music.  I am also ready to finally share some sound clips of my violin progress and I hope that we can have a lot of great violin conversations here.  I am casually learning the guitar also.

Knitting, oh yes I still knit and love to share and talk about knitting projects.   I love my knitting group and I hope that we get to pow wow here also.

Books, I still read and occasionally I would like to review a book and get some literary discussions going on.  I value all the reviews and input from years of bloggers that became such lovely friends.

There will be a lot of changes and additions to this blog over the next weeks. (sidebars of Dexter, Soundcloud, photography, and all things cool!)  I hope everyone enjoys and comes by often.

Thank you!  I am so very excited about all of this.

Peace and Cheer!


  1. Cheers my friend and congratulations on your new blog!!!

    1. Hi Deeds! Thank you. I have wanted a one stop blog for a while now. Nice to see you!

  2. Had to stop by and check it out. This is fantastic! ...and as a customer I have to say that I don't use any store bought soaps now after using yours. I get a lie smoother shave in the shower using yours than I ever could with shaving soaps I mix in a cup. (Straight razor stud you know). They are far better. Thanks for your hard work, it will pay off in the long run.

  3. Thank you for the compliments. This is our first "straight razor stud comment." Yahoo!


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