Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 2015 - Quilts, Socks and Soap.

                                                       Happy February 2015

The new year came and the next thing we know it's mid February.  Time for updates all around!

Violin News - I am still found playing my violin about 7-10 hours a week.  I have made some progress and I feel happy in my violin journey, most of the time.  I have been getting some extra online tutoring, and support from my violin friends all around the world.  More on that on another post.

Last November I did play in a little online venue with my friends. Street Jelly Fiddlefest, LIVE show. Yep I did it.  There will be another Fiddle Jamboree on February 21st on Street Jelly.  I will be playing 6 songs.  It is a small time fun venue, online busking.  I don't do it for the tips, as much as for trying to fight the stage fright, and peer pressure.   What a nice group of friends.   More details in another post.

Soap News - After a much needed hiatus my best girl Jess and I are making soap again. We started this year off with three of our customer favorites.  Oatmeal Scrub, Lavender Vanilla,  and Rosemary Mint.  Also this year look for some new cute sample packs. We had a lovely batch for party favors at my baby grand daughters, one year birthday party.  

We are moving slowing back into soap production and still enjoying family time and hobbies.   Happy New Year and thank you to all of our soap customers and fans.  Thank you for all the lovely reviews and compliments all of last year.   We hope to make lots of skin friendly soap for you this year.

Off the needles ... Knitting  -   I stayed busy with knitting through the holidays.  There were knitted hats, mittens,  cloth and soap sets, and in January a sweet lamb for Marley.  I recently finished a sock knit a long with my Wednesday Night Knit pals.   There are new babies coming at me left and right, so I will be making some blankets and booties.   I have a new Great Nephew on the way.

Quilting!!!!  I am obsessed with having some nicely quilted cotton items in my house.  So I am working on finishing my Irish Chain Quilt and I am on the verge of  starting my first full sized Quilt!!! EXCITING, and pretty much a dream coming true.    I am not in love with the process of making quilts.  But I want colorful homemade quilts in my house.... I like cozy and I LOVE QUILTS.

New Diet - I  can be found Low Carb-ing this year.  I am feeling positive and eating a lot of spinach and veggies.  I can say that it is a good thing that 1/2 way into February and my resolve is still strong!!

My Hound -  Well he is always nearby on my quilting, knitting, and cooking adventures.  (not so much or the violin playing.. his loss).   I think he is so handsome!

READING... My reading brain is still in the tank.  I am struggling to get lost in a book.

My best wishes to everyone on your musical, craft, and creative journeys.  



  1. I love all the colors in this post! From the knitting to food, to soaps!

  2. Thanks Taryn! I liked the colors of the fresh veggies and projects too. :) Nice to see you here.

  3. I can't wait to make my Irish Chain quilt! Thank you for the nudge to starting quilting again..it's been soooo many years!!

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