Thursday, December 8, 2016

True to form the first week of December goes by and there is no tree up.  I am home recovering from a nasty cold/sinus thing and looking on Amazon to see if I should take the plunge and get a fake tree. Year after year it is a pain to get a live one, keep it alive and deal with allergies.  But on the other hand I have always fallen in love with every tree that I have had.

This year I kept saying tree... I will just decorate. And then I caught myself saying, 'oh no I have to put up a tree for the girls.'  But today I took the plunge with total honesty and told myself, "what in the heck are you talking about?  You love a tree, you adore a tree, you sit by the tree, you love the lights, you love the warmth of the holiday season, you love the music, you love everything about it." 

So there, I am getting a lovely tree probably cheap fake on amazon and I will make it lovely.  This time next year, 11 months from when I take it down, I will have one in a box in the garage and I will get to enjoy it longer than usual.

So there it is... I just ordered it for $39.75.  6 ft,  Non pre-lit econo tree, free shipping, Amazon Prime, to arrive on Monday, December 12th.

In the kitchen, I have been baking bread.  The usual sour dough and Challah bread.  It is a lovely way to make the house nice and everyone loves fresh bread.


Merry Christmas, from now until the New Year, I am going to jingle jingle all the way.  


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