Friday, May 12, 2017

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom.
I have always thought of it in terms of addiction.  The very worst that could happen til the next thing that happens.  So lost your wife, or lost your home, living on the street, stole to get drugs.

Tonight I am thinking of bottom line.  What is a bottom line? Is it how many times we let someone do something to us? How late we pay a bill before getting a late fee?  How many more times we will let someone say something to us before we stop it, or drop them as a friend.

How many times we accept less than adequate before we make a demand. 

I found the two terms to be a like. I spent time tonight thinking of what all the rock bottoms would be in my life.  Does one know the rock bottom before its there? Bottom line, do we only make them in difficult situations? Do we make them in advance.  Like the planners and doers in life.

Just got me thinking.  It turned out that thinking about rock bottom and bottom line is productive. Write some down. Analyze them, and then check back to see...did you stand your ground or did they become changing...did the bottom and bottom line go lower. Was it set to low.

Feedback and thoughts?  And these bottom topic can apply to anything.

I would love to discuss. Please feel fee to comment.

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