Saturday, June 24, 2017

Outdoor Pizza Kitchen

It is no secret that the third week of June 2017 rolled in the big  high temps in Northern California.    I proceeded with the good faith that I could satisfy the BBQ Chicken - "pizza" urge without heating up the kitchen to the afternoon blaze.  

I hate to call it pizza, because I think that people, including myself expect it to taste like pizza.  Pizza to me conjures up scent and taste memories of red sauce, crust, the base and beginning and end to all good pizza.   This is Pizza derived and cooked like pizza, so we can just call it BBQ Chicken pizza.  But I think that is why some people  have a hard time loving this dish.  It has been quite popular in California for decades.   I had it the first time  over 23 years ago at Planet Hollywood restaurant in a Harrah's casino, in Reno..or was it Tahoe?  Reno?  Tahoe? 

It was too hot to run the oven at high temps for 30 Minutes, so off to the back yard grill where it was already 104 degrees.  The dough was made in the morning and rose like a champion.  I marinated and later grilled bbq chicken pieces to chop up for the topping.   The rest was just a matter of assembling.

I did put the dough on the cast iron pizza dish and  grilled for about 10-12 minutes about 450-500.  I brought it in the house and I flipped it and then assembled the "pizza" and then out it went for another 10-12 minutes at 425-450.

To rise

Sweet Baby Rays Sauce to marinate the chicken
For later.

Risen...then to the fridge to wait for cooking later.

It's grillin' time.
I think these little pieces only took about 10-12
Minutes at 400. Keeping in mind that they are going
To cook again on the "pizza"


Chopped up Chicken
Olive Oil the pan

Spread dough  with your fingers and poke with fork

Grill covered for 10-12 minutes about 450



Spread a light layer of bbq sauce on crust
Add thin slices of mozzerella cheese, chicken,
Red onion, green onion, a bit of grated mozzerella,
And a light drizzle of bbq sauce.  I used a sandwich
Bag with a little hole in the corner.



Grill it with lid down, my indicator for doneness
Is when I can see the mozzerella cheese puff and melt.



The perfect crunch

I hope you enjoyed the pics and the photo recipe guide.  As always
Comment, email or PM me with questions.

This is a super easy to make dinner.  It requires a bit of time and a process.  But it is "cheap" and only a few ingredients, and a super tasty meal.   If you wanted it to be more whole food, then make your own bbq sauce.  But really the amount is so minuscule....

If tastebuds allow... add cilantro and/or parsley.

Love and peace

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mahi Mahi Chili Lime Tacos - WW friendly - a guide

I don't have a  super great recipe, but you can get the gist of it.

About 2-4 tablespoons of fresh lime
About 1-2 tsp chili power
Pinch of salt
Pinch of Pepper...

Mix and marinate the Mahi steaks for an hour or so.

 To cook them I got a small skillet that just fit the two steaks side by side.  I got it really hot, I did a few sprays of cooking spray and put in the steaks. I cooked on that med-high temp for about 3-4 minutes.  When I turned them I put a sliver of butter under each.  I let them cook for a few more minutes.   I reduced the temp and covered for a minute or so.

****kicks pics...hungry from hiking and wanted hot tacos and hot tortillas***

The tortillas are corn.  Organic, the kind you heat up from a "dough" 
and the Mahi was vacuum frozen fillets.

I then made a sauce from Hidden Valley Ranch dressing:
Four tablespoons ranch,
about two tsp of fresh salsa
and a tsp chili powder.  
(Hindsight, maybe lime would have been good in this too).

I chopped lettuce and tomatoes and a bit of avocado.  Then I assembled.

Mahi for 4 ounces  equals about 2 Classic points.  Tortillas are a point each (2) Avocado, dressing and sliver of butter about 3 pts.  So about 7-8 classic points. I abstained on cheese because sometimes in life we have to say no to cheese.  (No we don't, I just do sometimes) Especially if I said yes every day for 4 days......


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Portions - Crave and behave

Don't let a craving for fried chicken have you off track in your eating program.
Crave and behave.  Have those little nummy bites and have a luscious and tasty salad.

Be brave, have control and indulge without guilt. And if you want to eat six, just remember to work out.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Tennessee Cove - Total Beach Craving

Total Beach Craving
I had a serious beach craving come upon me. It started with those darn blue nails.  I bought the blue nail polish with a view that it would be my reminder to look at my hands and the blue nail polish and meditate on the ocean. In my mind, I thought that if I did not at least see the ocean I could go to my minds eye and think and hear the ocean and be refreshed.  It was a good idea, but that then even lead to a further obsession... Like "I must go now.."   I only had the polish on for 48 hours and BAM!

I also needed strengthening miles if I intend at all to be able to participate in a half marathon in four months.  Somehow that situation is looking not so great.  I will see what the time limit is for the race and make some decisions. In the mean time, I wont be caught off guard by not staying strong with challenging 5 mile hikes weekly and bike rides.  So far a few of these training miles have put in at the beach...I mean if you are putting in the miles...

Anyway I found myself on the way to Tennessee Cove in Marin County, CA.  It was a lovely hike and a splendid cove.  Not a lot of people like to hike round trip four miles to  see a bit of the ocean.   But it was what was calling to me and worth every step.   I got there at 5 pm on a Saturday and it was more than I had hoped There was no fog  and the sun was shining bright.  Here are the pictures. 

It starts like this.."I know there is ocean over there..."

Just keep climbing and descending....
In a few short miles..
It just gave and gave back to me....

I loved the noisy water and the ships horn....

 It was hard to say goodbye....

 Those blue nails...they started it all....
Best place to have a beer.

And some miles for my training log..... #1/2marathontraining2017

Two hours to get there..two hours on the trail ...and two hours drive....$10 in gas.... a bag of was worth it.  Long after leaving I can smell it, feel the sand under my shoes, and be healed, happy and fulfilled from the wonderful glory of our earth.  Our earth it sits there and exists so that we can exist.  Let us never forget.

Back to knitting....

 How fun to pick up the needles to work on this pretty little lite poncho.
It might be too late for cool spring I think I'll shoot for cool fall days.
Happy Friday.

A hike in the fog -

This post is belated.  This was May 21st.  I got up and went to the office.  About 1/2 through my shift I knew that I wanted to go to the trails..and I wanted to see the beach.  I got off work at 2.   I had a mission....get to Marin by 5, trails for 2 hours, home by 9.  I think I made good time and got home by 9:30.  

This was a very lovely and steep graded hike.  The pictures tell the story.  It was a high elevation hike. I had to learn to trust myself and learn to ask for help. I had to talk to myself... "you can do this Toni.." also I said "F..K" a lot.  The cloud cover kept the far out view of the Pacific from me as it also provide mystic.  I didn't make it as far as I would have liked to on this trail.  But I made good progress.  And it was worth it to see Pirates Cove.  Argggggg...


Pirates Cove....Below

These strong legs are taking me places....



Simple Beauty and The backyard Jungle 2017

What are the simple beauties in your day? 

My back yard is a landscaped place turned wild.  8 years of no fertilizer, pesticides, drainage, drought, no pruning...etc....and yet.... it still decided to produce little lovelies for me.