Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What is happening - chatty blog post

Hello out there...

What is new?

Violin Bow News:   I have a lovely new Holstein II wooden violin bow.  I got it from the Fiddlershop in Florida. Feel free to comment or ask questions and I  can give you more details.  And here is the link. MY New Bow.   I enjoy this wondrous and beautiful bow more than I can express.   I got to try a few bows before I made up my mind.  That was quite an experience.  And she looks pretty with my violin as well, that is just a bonus.

I have been making some soap.  I made some lovely bars for Mothers Day for my family of mom's... (mom, sister, daughter, nieces..).  That particular batch had the best sweet smell.  It is Black Raspberry with vanilla hints.

  Facebook Page.  Then I did some catch up soap making for sale to my office.  Once people use it, they don't necessarily want other soap.   I also do plan to debut some soap for sale in the "shop" officially to the Home Goods By Toni Customers.   June!!!

My violin time has been limited, so I go home at lunch to play as this usually gives me 30 minutes.  But then I have to be careful with time.  I am also at home and it takes focus not to wash a dish or do a little clean up while I am home on break... I get so distract.. OH I have a plant to water, oh what can I put in the crock pot.  AND.... I don't have any real violin projects going.  I need to review what I need to work on, and what I want to play. I am ready to learn something lovely and soul stirring.  Perhaps something classical or something from my Beatles song book. Any suggestions?

In my kitchen, there is still bread making and then there is research.  oh yes...  Chinese dumplings.  I don't make them, I rarely have ever eaten them.  They are my new obsession.  So I will end this post and hit up Amazon for bamboo dumpling steamers.   I am looking to make something simple, of the round style Chinese dumplings with Pork, cabbage and ginger.    And anything that is Weigh Watcher somewhat friendly is better.  And as always homemade is better for me too.

Happy Wednesday to all.

PS.  I love all the private messages, but feel free to chat it up here on the blog too.   I find often it is nice to share here and just ignore some of the other social network venues.  Blogging feels old fashioned and more safe...I guess that sounds silly.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weight Watcher Food doesn't have to be boring....

Well... and then there is bread......
Three Strand Challah Bread for Mothers Day.  It turned out great.

And the usual Sour Dough

Monday, May 15, 2017


Sometimes Life

Seems to be a series.
A series of dots.
Connect the dots.
This dot to that.

All the while...
Traveling to the next dot
Taking cell pics, selfies
Rushing Rushing.

We made it, hurry
Posts the pics, recharge
devices and zoom off
To the next dot.

And we just repeat.
Our goal, we made it..
Now post more pics
Loosing precious moment.

We loose our moments
Only to preserve a moment.
We miss to preserve
And loose new memories.

As we zoom to the next dot,
We check for feedback,
As we take more pics,
Sometimes we loose time.

Sometimes life...


Friday, May 12, 2017

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom.
I have always thought of it in terms of addiction.  The very worst that could happen til the next thing that happens.  So lost your wife, or lost your home, living on the street, stole to get drugs.

Tonight I am thinking of bottom line.  What is a bottom line? Is it how many times we let someone do something to us? How late we pay a bill before getting a late fee?  How many more times we will let someone say something to us before we stop it, or drop them as a friend.

How many times we accept less than adequate before we make a demand. 

I found the two terms to be a like. I spent time tonight thinking of what all the rock bottoms would be in my life.  Does one know the rock bottom before its there? Bottom line, do we only make them in difficult situations? Do we make them in advance.  Like the planners and doers in life.

Just got me thinking.  It turned out that thinking about rock bottom and bottom line is product.  Write some down. Analyze them, and then check back to see...did you stand your ground or did they become changing...did the bottom and bottom line go lower. Was it set to low.

Feedback and thoughts?  And these bottom topic can apply to anything.

I would love to discuss. Please feel fee to comment.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Tall cool trees stand in truth
Drought, disease, flood
I am here.

Crevices in the earth
Mountains that erupt
I am here.

Swaddled babies
Crooked smile school pics
I am here.

Phone in hand
Decades of life
I am here.

Memorial and grief
The trace I left 
I was here.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Under a microscope

Living under a microscope
What food?
What parenting choices?
And who to spend time with...

Staying silent for peace
World, political or social?
What is in that Latte?

What are you watching,
Reading, drinking?
Post don't post
Feel, don't feel.

Fight, don't fight.
The hours fly by 
As the seasons do...
To be heard.

To be heard
Without hurting.
To speak without damage.
Care, don't care.

Let go of hurt,
Learn to grow with change.
Let the out of control
Shape into peace.

Toni C. Gomez 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Chit Chat and activities

Today was a nice day off from the office.  

I spun wool, and wound some wool.   

I had nice coffee with some yummy eggs.  

I just sit here thinking... it is 8:53.  What can I do?  I am a lucky person to have so many things to do.  I crave the quiet.  I haven't played much music today.  I listened to a friend or two online.  No tv on.  Isolation and quiet.  I think it is nice.  I also saw that many activities I posted on Facebook. 

I am thinking now.. "I think I will do some reading... something positive...AND I will share it with Facebook..." and then I listen to what I said, I see what I do.   Nothing wrong with it.  Somehow it seems we connect well to like friends on Facebook and people seem to enjoy what we do, and we inspire each other. It was just a thought.   But it got me thinking.  (Oh no....) 

I wonder if I do something wonderful and positive tonight that I will be the person that it is good enough to share with. Keep it to myself, consider myself worthy to be my own company.  I actually am more introverted, I think Facebook allows us introverts to be extroverted in the social media sense.

I wonder if that conflicts with our introverted tendencies.... I wonder if our brain or soul is saying..."look at that, or oh my where did all that come from?"  What is the ego saying... "yahoo.... look at me now.?"    I am not sure.   I know there are studies and I could find out what is going on, and what the professionals are saying will happen as a result of all this social media.

I know that my great great grandchildren won't have to go to to know about me.  Well .... is that Facebook personality the real person?  After all, I don't put out my strong political opinions, I don't put out my spiritual cravings or tendencies, I don't talk about too many horrors.  I seem to like it better when I write something nice and positive.

But .... is life really that positive?  Yes, it is.   Does it feel that way all the time?  No, but actually it is.. but we have struggles and tears and such pain, but we woke up today.  Air filled our lungs.

Anyway those are my thoughts tonight, nothing too deep or profound.  Just my thoughts on what social media is and isn't.   Do we post and share our deep struggles and truths on social media? Or do we keep it light and fluffy.  

Facebook... to just connect, see some relatives, and funny youtubes, recipes, how to's, get marketed by google and amazon, read healthy articles, read unhealthy articles, see people do odd things, good things, see places, see art, hear music, see what is going on in the world and see what our friends do, hear good news, hear bad news. 

Ha Ha at least we are no longer slaves to a land line phone that would ring all the time. :)

It certainly does bring it all to one place... remember all those emails from all those Yahoo groups.. that got out of control.  Now at our fingertips..on our phone.

Happy Saturday as it is fast approaching.   Tell me what's on your mind... feel free to leave a comment here, or as many of you do, message me. :)