Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Peeking In - Hello - A Real Update.

Hello all!

I am back with the best intentions.  (writing, blogging, reading books, sharing music).   I actually finished a book in the past few weeks.   Looking back fondly at my blogger days and blogger friends and finding a piece of me in there that I miss.

I won't inundate with pictures and try to catch up all in one post.

The book that I read a week or so ago was called Find Her by Lisa Gardner.
The book was recommended by my co-worker. Thanks Roch.

Quick review:  I enjoyed the book.  It was compelling page after page.    There were many chapters while reading this book that were almost heart stopping.  I always felt very very eager to finish the book.  It was a great read to get me excited about reading.   If you like mystery, suspense, I think this is a book that you will enjoy.  It is a relatively new genre for me.  I bought this book and read it on my Kindle App on my Ipad.

I received a book in the mail from Algonquin.
It is called The Last September.  Thank you Algonquin.  I didn't request the book but it sounds good.  It got me in a really bookish mood and that is where I started thinking about my book blogger friends, blogger friends, and my Page Turner Book Club.  

Yes... I make soap, and yes I still play the violin.  I will share my violin stories and soap making adventures with everyone soon.  I have a few new adventures to share also.

Please forgive my blogging graphics challenges at this point.  I am really rusty.  I don't know what has changed or what is convenient for all to see.

Cheers for now, and I hope I see you all more than once a year. 


  1. Good to see you blogging again Toni. I miss our book club. I have Find Her on audio. I'll have to listen to it soon and I think you'll like The Last September. I thought it was good.

    1. Hi Dar!
      Nice to see you! Thanks for being such a dear friend and commenting. I hope to reconnect a bit. Find Her is very very suspenseful. I just agreed to do my first book tour. I am excited about that. I miss our book club too, I am glad we have been chatting and talking about books again.
      Happy Thursday.

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