Monday, August 15, 2016

Running and workouts - (a few weeks ago)

Today (Sunday), I faced my usual dilemma.  Do I get up and run early? (hasn't happened yet) or wait until the evening and run when it cools off ? That is usually not going to happen. Why? Because as it cools down I want wine. When Sunday afternoon arrives and the last bit of freedom before the work weeks steals hours and brain cells.

I want wine.

But as last weekend slipped away,  I found myself without a work out and all the promises of new workouts that never happened.  Two weeks ago I rode my bike for ten miles.  And I am sure that is a vague memory to my body.

So I got some motivation from a Facebook mothers running group and I decided to do a heat endurance walk.  When I left it was 98, when I got home it was 102.  Pavement jog walking. It went well and I sweated and feel wonderful.  And I added to my yearly mile count.  I am at 111 now.

I am new to running and when it comes to this whole generation of runners, I have much to learn. I used to think I was a runner, now I am beginning  to think I am a former jogger.  Anyway I have had five seriously wonderful running/jogging accomplishments this year.

I am finding that running can be a team sport even if we are all running difference races, with differnet goals and different reasons.   I am also learning the power of solo runs.  I call it therapy.

Running is my passion once more, and yet this time around I have obstacles.  Sometimes I wonder if the obstacles are there only to remind me how precious life is... How much it means to me to run..obstacles of age, weight and pain.

The newest gratification is to run/walk somewhere  that cars can't go!  To see a view that the highways obscure from us.  It has added a joy and a bonus that surpasses fitness and weight.  The views and the nature are indeed the most gratifying experience that I can recall.

So at this time, I find myself very interested in solo day hikes, runs.  This is hard for me because I am not the bravest of souls. There are wild animals and there are freaky humans.   And yet I do have to remember that people emerge from runs and hikes safe and whole everyday.  With a side note that the last time I went to a place that I felt unsafe,  I didn't even enjoy the run at all.  I feel I took away nothing.

It is safe to say that  part of my running journey is going to be on how I can run solo and not have fear.  Even if that involves a taser. I have pepper spray, and maybe even a self defense class will be in order.

Deep running thoughts.


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