Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello and I hope your Thursday is lovely.

Part of the journey back to blogging is also part of my journey back to books.

Right now I am reading a good book with some good friends.   It is called Natchez Burning, by Greg Isle.  I bought it to read on my Ipad Pro from the Kindle book store.  I am enjoying the book even though it is fiction I am being acquainted with actual  racial crimes/events of 1960's Louisiana and Mississippi.   The book so far is dramatic and holds my attention.  The best part about this read is that I got to read with some of my original best friend book club readers. You all know who you are.

My sidebar has a list of upcoming books I am going to write about. However,  that was an attempt at artwork with my Ipencil for Ipad Pro.  I see that is it a bit shabby and not very clear.  So here is a more clear schedule.

September 13th, Composing Temple Sunrise, by Hassan El Tayyab
September 28th, Ergon - George Singer.

I will apologize in advance for my blog having changes here and there.  I don't recall very well how to navigate through  Blogger templates, but I will get the hang of it all soon.  I am sure there is a useful app on my Ipad.  For now, please bear with the oversized obnoxious picture of my forehead.   Also, blog tour etiquette and regular procedures??? I am out of the loop.  I will get a list of blogs to start reading and join in the gang and see what everyone is doing.

Lots of love and Sunshine.

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