Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our Earth, Ourselves

Dear Blog readers:

 (I know you read even if you don't say much, I am so grateful to feel your presence)

Happy Earth Day!  My thoughts are to celebrate this beautiful Earth and how it clearly 100%  it sustains us through all the good and the very very bad.   We plunder, bomb, litter and it is beautiful and it restores itself and it selflessly gives us life and a home.  However,  this is not a day where I plan to think about the over all picture, because I intend to be grateful.  And I don't want to be sad about our declining Planet and the absence of humanity.

I can pick up some litter, recycle, reuse and donate.  I can make lists of ways to help make the planet clean.  Ride my bike, feel the sun on my face.   Donate clothing instead of dumping, reuse fabrics to create useful items, rugs, pillows, toys.  Use less napkins, less tissue, wash clothes when they need it instead of  just because I wore it for two hours.  And I can pray.

I will plant food to share and bake bread to share.  Perhaps in being close with one another and sharing we can gather and hoard less, waste less, pollute less and save ourselves and our planet through our love.  Hug a tree, hug a human and connect and be well with each other.

A nice walk is in my plan.   A wonderful mentor talked of a walk earlier this week.  A wandering walk with awareness of just being connected. Without checking for speed, elevation, distance or time,  a walk of wandering and observation.  My wandering soul connected to this thought so I will do that this weekend.  In honor of my home, the Earth, I will gather human litter and feel the Earth's thankfulness.

Let us celebrate our Earth today and make a plan to do it the same way each and every day as long as we have the gift of walking on this Planet.  A planet whose goodness is to big to even describe.  

What word or words would you use to describe our planet?  I would love to hear just how much you love our Mother Earth.   And any lists and activities that you do to contribute to the wellness of our glorious planet home.

Peace and Joy.
Love, Toni


  1. I try to take care of the Earth every day but know I could do a better job. I'm glad for the Earth Day reminder every year.

  2. How lovely to see you. I am also thankful of the reminder each year.


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