Monday, June 5, 2017

A hike in the fog -

This post is belated.  This was May 21st.  I got up and went to the office.  About 1/2 through my shift I knew that I wanted to go to the trails..and I wanted to see the beach.  I got off work at 2.   I had a mission....get to Marin by 5, trails for 2 hours, home by 9.  I think I made good time and got home by 9:30.  

This was a very lovely and steep graded hike.  The pictures tell the story.  It was a high elevation hike. I had to learn to trust myself and learn to ask for help. I had to talk to myself... "you can do this Toni.." also I said "F..K" a lot.  The cloud cover kept the far out view of the Pacific from me as it also provide mystic.  I didn't make it as far as I would have liked to on this trail.  But I made good progress.  And it was worth it to see Pirates Cove.  Argggggg...


Pirates Cove....Below

These strong legs are taking me places....



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