Friday, June 30, 2017

Self Care and Love

Meeting one's SELF.  Who is that?   The real you, that warm, non affected by this life person that resides inside you  just beautifully "being."  The true soul of the core that is watching and waiting.  The soul that is patience, beautiful and joyful.  That beautiful being, the inner priestess voice otherwise known as "me" or "you" or Self. 

That presence inside is the presence of reason, love and all beautiful things waiting to flow out and spread through the body.  It doesn't judge, but it sends rays of love and understanding within and to the universe.  Finding and connecting with that love is truly the greatest love of all.  Knowing about "it" isn't quite enough.  Knowing and not really connecting just leaves one in want of the seemingly allusive present moment and all good gifts from within.   Knowing about it and not being able to reach .... but then.... finally....

Connecting to it is everything.

A little Self Prayer

Internal priestess
To meet you is lovely.
I have known you forever
How wonderful to let you
reign free in peace.

Internal priestess
To hear you is lovely
To hear through your ears.
How wonderful to hear
your silent gentle vibes.

Internal priestess
To feel you is lovely
I have felt you forever.
How wonderful to feel
compassion through you.

Internal priestess.
To heal with you is lovely.
Your warmth surrounds.
How wonderful to heal
with radiant heat.

Internal priestess
How lovely to love you.
I have loved you forever.
How wonderful to love
through your grace.

Internal priestess
How lovely to connect
through breath and light.
How wonderful that I
completely love and accept you.

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