Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Auburn Quarry Trail

Life is so busy.  And with back to back six day work weeks, I am often faced with the challenge of getting to hang out at home on Sunday and do chores, or get out of town.  Whether out of town is 25 minutes out to Folsom Lake, or 30 minutes up the hill, to me it is everything to get away.

Getting away has been my medicine for the last few years now.  It means peace and sanity to get out in the sunshine, or wind, rain, or even cold.    I am very lucky at work to have  a full window view of the sky and lovely world outside, but I am basically stuck in my office at a desk for the better part of 9 hours.  No complaints, just the reality.

This Sunday past, I really could have absolved myself to stay in and relax, maybe even read or watch a movie.  But I also realized it had been seven days since I had a good work out and/or got miles under my shoes.

Auburn Quarry Trail is the perfect trail to get away...it is an easy trail with beautiful views up the canyon and along the river.  The recent fresh rain revived lots of water trails, mini waterfalls. It was very beautiful to my ears and refreshing tonic to my brain.  I can still hear the sounds of the water and I can feel the cold melted snow water invigorating my feet and the water crossings.

It was a out and back 5 mile trek, with rolling inclines that equal about 40 flights of stairs over a long distance.  Perhaps two little significant inclines, but nothing that  couldn't be handled with a little "one foot in front of the other..."

So green and mossy and Fresh!
Plump fresh alive river and the bluest skies

Beams of light shining from heaven sending warmth to my bones and heart.

The cool melted snow water on my feet, like medicine.

Friends along the trail

The sound of the beautiful, cold and clear water

The clouds were ever changing, what a grand performance.

And the ever changing sky at the Forest Hill Bridge.

Pictures are not filtered or altered as there was just no need to change anything.  Simple phone pictures with the iphone X.   I feel lucky that my phone captured the day as my eye also did.

Have a beautiful week.

Pictures belong to me. But you can use them for recreation, just please send a courtesy link to my blog.  Businesses please contact me for permission.

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