Thursday, March 15, 2018

Double Days of trails.. part one

Saturday’s trails were fantastic after work and the end to a long stint at work.... it was not my usual jam of nature without people. And yet, there were not many people on foot this day on the American River Bike Trail. There were serious bikers going fast, and plenty of room for all.

To warm up, it was a rocky sandy hike at the small point of Beal’s Point at Folsom Lake.  At the waters edge.. scavenging and examining the lake’s bottom.  Then a trek towards Folsom Dam and Folsom  Prison.

My legs hated the pavement, but there were side trails that provided a limited view and a temporary cushion.  I hated when the trail popped out in traffic in five ‘o’clock Folsom traffic, but that’s life.!
Cement, wires, trails, graffiti, traffic.... it was all good. Then when arriving back to Beal’s nature's overcast sky would open up from the West and shimmer on the late winter, early spring views of a depleted lake.

My heart and mind was rewarded and gifted.
The sunset provided gifts and rewards.  I am reminded of all things given to humans and I feel grateful in my heart.   Our planet, our life...our beautiful strong bodies...and the gift of eyesight.
The memory lingers and I am thankful for pictures.

I feel the awe of my heart and the muscles in my face remember the smiles and I still feel the glory of that sunset that kissed the lake.

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