Saturday, March 17, 2018

Double Days ...part two

This was last week. So, after the previous days trip on the pavement out to Folsom, the next day there was a need to NOT hear traffic, to NOT see many humans, and to get my shoes dirty.

The choice was the top part of the "Meat Grinder" going towards Beals.  The day was supposed to be cold and rainy but I think it was about 70 degrees.  Perfection.

We left the parking lot off trail and trekked up to the Pioneer Express Trail. It was a short trip 1. because I got my have to miles the day before and 2. there was a special little birthday party for my littlest, newest angel.   #mylove

The goal was a two day 10 mile total, so this 3.8  did the trick And then the next day I completed my 3 day 1/2 marathon miles by a long 3.1 mile walk after work on Monday. 

After the bright sun, it was so fun to begin to run into the covered
cozy, mossy trail.

Below is the off trail view of a very depleted lake on a warm
spring day.  The sun felt so good on my back and neck.

As always.. if you climb, you will get a view.  The rewards of
a blue sky and a little footwork.

There were many many butterflies this day, even though the
section of the trail was dry, there were some flowers to feed

Wild Flowers always remind me of strength.  They remind
me to be a flower even if the surroundings are dry and depleted
...rise and shine and be beautiful towards heaven.

Have a blessed week and be beautiful in all things no matter what
you are given or choose for surroundings.

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