Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lavender Tea Soap

 Lavender Tea Soap with Lemon.

The soap is our usual 100% Olive Oil base.  There are finely ground lavender buds in the body of the soap. And to make it pretty the bottom is set with full lavender blossoms.  The scent is light and reminiscent of Tea.  The soap has high quality lemon essential oil.  There is no artificial coloring in the soap.  It is one of our most natural bars, that just happens to be lovely also.

Our most popular selling soap - we can hardly keep in it stock.  Raspberry Vanilla.  (pure olive oil base, Sun-ripened Raspberry fragrance with Vanilla Bean Oil, and smidge of  food coloring to make it pretty).


  1. I can't wait for my mom to use the raspberry vanilla soap I'm sending her! I really think she's going to love it.

  2. I hope she likes it Taryn! Let me know.

  3. Toni you make soap!! This has been on my list of pasttimes I want to take up for over 10 years and I haven't done it yet :)


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